CEPO is an all-volunteer organization.  We need your help!  When you invest your time with us, you invest in your children and our community.

Interested in being involved in a specific event?  Contact one of the Committee chairs below or email us at teamcepo@gmail.com.

  • Stroll: Michelle Howard, Kelsey Nelson, Jaclyn Larson, Jennifer Kippels
    email: teamcepo@gmail.com
  • BINGO Night:  Jolene Dwellis & Julie Stratton
    email: teamcepo@gmail.com
  • Bookfair: Jennifer Kippels & Sarah Mikrut
    email:  Jenniferkippels@gmail.com
  • Conference Meals: Ann Beaupre & TBD
    email: teamcepo@gmail.com
  • Science Night: Michelle Howard & Kristina Zrim
    email: teamcepo@gmail.com
  • Carnival: Kelsey Nelson & TBD
    email:  kmnelson1116@gmail.com
  • Yearbook: Jaclyn Larson & Kelly Matthiesen
    email:  jaclyn.l.larson@gmail.com
  • Staff Appreciation: Traci Donahoe & Amber Bruen
    email: teamcepo@gmail.com
  • 5th Grade Party: Rebecca Kramer & TBD
    email: Mbkramerfamily@gmail.com