Centennial Yes

Dear Centennial Elementary Parents,

If you are like most residents in our community you feel good about our schools. The Centennial School District has a reputation that makes it desirable and something to be proud of.

We are on the brink of losing some of what has built that favorable reputation. The funding our district receives from the state puts us at a disadvantage. (Watch this video to learn more.) Our district has already experienced several cuts and has done its best to insulate our kids from those cuts but we are now at a point where that is no longer an option. Centennial Elementary has already lost several paras and our beloved media clerk/librarian. We will lose more staff and programs in the very near future. Our class sizes will continue to grow and our awesome teachers will be stretched to their limits.

Several months back I was asked to join the Centennial Levy Steering Committee as the district evaluated asking for voters for a levy in November 2018. I, along with CEPO’s Secretary Gretchen Ulvin, Principal Kaiser, Lynn Kriegler, and Denise Hudgens represented Centennial Elementary. We joined Superintendent Brian Dietz, the Centennial Principals, staff, teachers, PTA members, local officials such as Mayor Dave from Circle Pines, and individuals from the community.

Through a series of meetings we discussed the district’s history, the current needs, and studied survey data of the community. The committee concluded that it was necessary to push forward a proposal to the school board for a 2018 Operational and Capital Levy. The school board unanimously approved the proposal.

Please take a few moments to educate yourself on the levy by visiting http://centennialyes.org/

Connect with supports and stay up-to-date on the process through social media and invite other parents to do the same.

We encourage you to VOTE Yes twice on November 6th to support our children and our community. Centennial needs you.

Michelle Koch
CEPO President